How a smart home makes life easier

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Staying connected is a smart move. Setting up your smart home and integrated devices is easier than
ever, and you can save time,
energy and money with
home automation.

The Connected Home

Use connected mobile apps to control your smart home devices.

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Smart speaker

Play music, check the weather and control your smart appliances with simple voice commands.


Turn your TV on and off, change the channel and conveniently input text.


Easily adjust the temperature or let your smart thermostat automatically change settings based on your habits.

Kitchen appliances

Preheat the oven, check the fridge during a shopping trip and turn the coffee maker on.


Raise and lower window shades.

LED lighting

Turn lights on and off, and adjust the color and brightness of smart LEDs.


Start the washer or dryer and stay updated on how much time is left in the cycle.

Garage door and locks

Remotely close and lock your home's doors.

Security system

Receive video feed and notifications of unexpected activity around your home.

Timing and Triggering

Mobile apps are just one way to control smart devices. Other functions are based on timing and triggering.


Time of day, day of year and geographic locations determine what commands are executed.

The thermostat turns up to 74° F at 10 a.m. in July.
Blinds lower at 6 p.m. in the winter.

Actions can be triggered by pressing a button, motion detection or sensor tripping.

Lights come on when motion is detected in a room.
The security alarm goes off when a sensor is tripped, sending a notification to your smartphone.